Parsi lunch at Sodabottle Openerwala

Sodabottle Openerwala

What to look out for –

Parsi delights, Iranian cuisine, lively ambiance.

Phone numbers –
+91 7022255299

Cost –

₹1500 for two


25/4, Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.

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I was intending to visit this place since long back. And finally, I went there last month with my sister. How I regret not going earlier. This is one place that you ought to go to if you love Parsi food. The place is a demonstration of Parsi culture. The ambiance, food, staff and the drinks are all associated with Parsi culture and people.


The place has an interesting entrance where in many dabbas are tangled to the handles of a cycle. It reminds you of the Dabbawalas of Mumbai. The ambiance inside is no different. It takes you back to the old Amchi Mumbai. Like a film set from a couple of decades back, the hotel is colourful, fun, interesting and Bollywoodish. Old Hindi songs are played and it instantly relaxes you. The staff is friendly and will help you pick the best dishes in the strange looking menu. Most of the food items on the menu were alien to me and if it’s your first time, you will certainly be caught off-guard.

sodabottle openerwala

The drinks we ordered were raspberry soda and ice cream soda. I’ll have to say that I liked both the drinks. They were unique and yummy. Choosing food took us some time and after much scrutiny, we decided on chicken chilli cheese pav, chicken Farcha and Bambaiyya chicken biryani. I will have to agree that each one of these Parsi and Iranian food items was just mind-blowing. They were all well-cooked, tasty, spicy and delectable. By the end of the meal, I and my sister were so full that we did not want to eat desserts.

raspberry soda
ice cream soda

things to try –

vada pav



rasta sandwich

salli boti

chicken farcha


tiffin box
chicken farcha
chicken chilli cheese pav

But, I never skip desserts, as I consider it a crime. So, we ordered mixed berry trifle and Toblerone mousse. I will have to say that the mousse just won the competition. It was so delicious and fulfilling. I don’t know that if it is a norm, but we got two mousses when we ordered one. But who is complaining?

toblerone mousse

Sodabottle openerwala is a unique dining experience and I intend to go back again someday very soon. The place gets a 4.5 on a scale of 5. But, somehow, I felt it was a bit expensive.


breakfast at Vidyarthi Bhavan

Vidyarthi Bhavan

What to look out for –

Early morning breakfasts, buzzing ambience.

Phone numbers –
080 26677588

Cost –

₹150 for two


32, Gandhi Bazaar, Near Gandhi Bazaar Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

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Never consider yourself a Bangalorean if you have not eaten at this place. Vidyarthi bhavan is not just a place where you get some amazing breakfast at reasonable price, it is an introduction to the culture of Bangalore. The ethnic place is the best way to start your day. The location Gandhi bazar, where the hotel is situated has the essence of the old Bangalore that was untouched by modernization. The hotel is located just near the Gandhi bazaar circle. This place is where you get all those pooja items and flowers for weddings and other ceremonies. As you cut through the line of flower stalls, you see a humble little house like structure that seems like a 80’s building. The large board proudly reads Vidyarthi Bhavan since 1943. That is surely a hell lot of old. The place must have witnessed war, peace, aftermath, development, modernization, urbanization and all the revolutions that we have only heard of.


the street that leads to vidyarthi bhavan


For other places, I would have written ‘as you enter’, but not here. Because entering vidyarthi bhavan is not an easy task. You will have to give your name for the list that the crew writes down every morning to let each one enter according to their arrival timings. The place is full as early as eight in the morning. You can find all kinds of people waiting to go in. from old couples to young lovers, they are all standing at the entrance and waiting for their cue to enter.


the piping hot vada
balancing act
masala dosa

Inside, you will not find anything lavish or extravagant. The place is simple and plain. It is almost like your grandparents house in the village. The tiled roof, old walls and simple benches just do not seem unattractive to the people of Bangalore who have seen better interiors. After all, hotels are for food, not for interior designs.



The staff are neither friendly nor rude. They are just brisk and to the point. You place your order from the small list of breakfast items available and they serve it to you. The food takes time to arrive to your table, owing to the huge crowd. Once you are done, you are given the bill immediately, a polite way of telling you to get out so that someone waiting outside can enter.


the hot filter coffee

Coming to the taste, I will have to say that vidyarthi bhavan had seen better days. Over the years the taste has certainly diminished. The deliciousness that was there three years ago is missing today. But, the crowd doesn’t stop because the place is as famous as the city itself. Everyone in Bangalore has ‘breakfast at vidyarthi bhavan’ on their bucket list. A little improvement in the taste will certainly be welcomed by all.


proud kannadiga
simplicity is the key

Do not miss to eat –

Masal dosa

Idly vada


Chow chow bhath


What had started as a small canteen to feed the students of nearby schools has gradually grown into a phenomenon in Bangalore. There is one thing that I would like to mention. The owner of the place Ramakrishna adiga, at his age is always present at the place, early in the mornings even on Sundays to look to it that everything runs smoothly. It is such dedication that places like vidyarthi bhavan are famous and timeless. The place gets a 4 out of 5 because places like these define our city!


standing proud and tall