American lunch at the Koramangala social


Koramangala Social

What to look out for –

American cuisine, delicious desserts and a buzzing ambience

Phone numbers
080 40515253

Cost –

₹1500 for two


118, 3rd floor, Koramangala Industrial Area, Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore

Alcohol is available

you are here


yeay! in kannada!!!

It was a lazy Thursday afternoon and I was out with my sister shopping. After a grueling shopping session, we headed to the very famous Koramangala social to grab some lunch. One thing for sure, a week day or a weekend, social is always busy. The place was so crowded at 2 in the noon that it seemed like half of Bangalore was here. After we were put on a waiting list, we were told to wait for some time. However, sometime could not be put into exact numbers. The only saving grace was that we were told that we could stand by the bar and order our drinks. If there were some chairs by the bar I would have been thankful for the social.

mocktail in a measuring cylinder.. talk about remembering college days!

But, all my tiredness and irritation vanished as soon as we were given a table after a 20 minutes wait. The place is just so vibrant. Glass roof, greenery all around, walls made of this interesting grill work that is filled with chunks of rocks. As I sat down on my leather chair, i felt relaxed amidst all the buzz.

the chicken burger

We ordered a Chilli chicken black pepper china box, one chicken burger with French fries and hot Tennessee chicken wings. The Chinese meal came in those cute take away boxes that I always saw on television series but never got when I ordered food home. I just loved eating out from that box. The noodles was just like I loved it, greasy, spicy and yummy. The southern fried chicken burger was cheesy and good too. The chicken wings came with four types of sauces and we were already full. But, not ordering desserts after a wholesome lunch is a sin. So, we settled for just one chocolate blood bath. For the first time, I was so full that we had to leave our dessert half eaten.

Tennessee chicken wings
china meal

Many people complain that social is crowded. Well, they are doing something right to attract all those crowds. And the service isn’t as slow as people make it to be. As for me, I am not complaining until the food is good. The Koramangala social gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

unfinished business – the dessert!

Things to try –

China box

Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup

Death wings

Bad ass burgers

All the desserts


midnight snacking at sagar


What to look out for –

Vegetarian street food, chats, desserts and ice creams

Phone numbers

080 23325917

Cost –

₹200 for two


Dr Rajkumar road, near KLE College, Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Alcohol is not available

Strictly vegetarian

you are here


Winters are incomplete without midnight snacks. The cold nights accompanied by constant midnight cravings can never let you sleep in peace. For all the fellow foodies who love to binge on some street food during the late hours of the night, there is only one place for you – Sagar hotel. The two storied white building looks simple, plain and old fashioned. But that is exactly opposite of what you will feel about the food served here. The crowd in front of the hotel begins to form at seven and will continue until twelve in the night. Unlike other fine dine restaurants, people do not wait to get into the hotel. They just enjoy their food on the street and it is fun!



What you should try at Sagar –

Juicy hot jalebis made of pure ghee

Cute little mini pizzas

The yummy pav bhaji

Crispy fafda

vada pav







Sagar is one place where you can just pull your car to the side after a long drive in the cold winter night and order some tasty street chats and enjoy them sitting inside your car. There is no place else like Sagar when it comes to swift service and consistency in taste. This place gets a 4 on 5 for its lively ambiance and delicious food.


A village in the middle of the city


What to look out for –

Great ambiance, vegetarian food, chats, tarot reading and some dandiya

Phone Numbers

080 42100524
+91 9663924344

Cost –

Lunch – ₹410

Dinner – ₹460

Weekends – ₹560


6th Floor, Central Mall, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Alcohol is NOT Available

Strictly vegetarian

you are here


For starters, this place is not just any restaurant. It is an experience. So, if you are in a hurry and just want to grab some lunch, skip the village. Because when you are in the village, you will want to spend your entire evening here. Such is the ambiance of this wonderful place. As you climb the escalator for the sixth floor of the central mall, you see some bright colors and props that promise you a wonderful evening full of excitement. We could not resist taking a couple of pictures before we entered the place. And as soon as we entered, we were in a whole new world!

village the soul of india

It was like we time traveled to one of those dhabas on the outskirts of Delhi. So colorful, so vibrant and so very desi. The ambiance is one thing that you will love about this place. As it was our first visit to the place, we had a complimentary tarot card session with an expert. He told some annoying things about me, so my husband still vouches about the truthfulness of the tarot at village. The cuisines served are Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharastrian, north Indian and south Indian. However, we then drank the welcome drink which was a rose flavored milk. It was good. Then we tried out the chats like pani puri, aloo tikka, sev puri which were also good. But, to be frank, we girls were interested in taking pictures in this beautiful place than eating the food.

the live food counters

The place is large and there are some quirky stuff all over. The food is actually laid out in counters that seem like street vendors and road side shops. Our next stop was at the bhaji stall. We had some piping hot aloo and mirchi bajhi which were the best thing in the place. The dosa was not very tasty and I left it untouched in my plate.

colorful ambiance
the roti counter

A jail like room is where you get the fresh rotis on order. You can also get hot, juicy jalebis at this counter. The main course consisted of masala khichdi, kadi, dal fry, aloo methi, steamed rice and other stuff. I will have to say that I did not enjoy main course as much as the starters. Finally, for desserts there were gulab jamoon, kheer and plain vanilla ice cream cones.

main course

As we had our dinner, we also participated in some fun activities like dandiya, musical chair and the puppet show. I had a feeling that we were in some village fair. It was truly a wonderful experience. I would rate the ambiance, service and place with a 5 on 5 but the food would get only a 3.5 on 5.

Brewsky, the rooftop microbrewery


What to look out for –

Rooftop seating, yummy pizza, a large screen, vibrant ambience and tasty American snacks

Phone Numbers

076767 96666
Cost –

₹1500 for two


55, 19th Main Road, 15th Cross Road, JP Nagar 2nd Phase Bangalore

Alcohol is Available

you are here

On a dull winter evening, the best thing that you can do is grab your coat, call your friends and head out to the Brewsky. It is one of the first microbreweries in the city and attracts a large crowd, especially during the night. The place is on the top of the building and gives you a breathtaking view of the well-lit Bangalore city. A floor below, there is a closed room seating facility, but much of the crowd and excitement is on the rooftop. It is recommended that you book your table in advance to avoid waiting at the entrance.

the cocktails

As you enter the place, the chilled wind embraces you and takes you into a relaxed and fun mood. There are two levels on the roof top and you can opt for either. A large screen will be playing the live matches of the day. Seating is sort of old school because they use these old metal chairs that were a norm during the 90’s. Service is good and pretty fast in spite of so many people. You get delicious american and continental food both vegetarian and non – vegetarian.

Must try in Brewsky –


Thin crust pizza

Grilled Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Goan crumb fried chicken

Philly chicken burger

Chocolate cigars

chicken wings
thin crust pizza

The place is energetic, yet relaxing. If you want to beat your weekday blues, this is one highly recommended place. And this might sound a bit crazy, but I have to mention it – they have the cutest dressing table in the ladies washroom. It is all pink, classic and regal looking. Not just that piece of furniture, everything about Brewsky is good looking and nice. The food, the ambiance and the service, everything gets a 4.6 out of five stars.

Buffet at barbeque nation

Barbeque nation

What to look out for –

Great service, fish and prawn barbeque, a large spread of desserts and ice creams

Phone Numbers

080 60600000
080 60600001
cost –

veg buffet – ₹658 – ₹946

non veg buffet – ₹790 – ₹1071

(rates change according to the day)


Ground floor, Westgate Mall, Dr Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Alcohol is Available

barbeque nation


From many years, Barbeque Nation has become synonym to buffet. When you think of a wholesome buffet meal, you just go to one of the nine branches of the Barbeque Nation scattered across Bangalore. The people of Bangalore are in love with this place. For me too, it was a love at first sight.

After hearing so much about the place for so long, we decided to finally go there for my birthday. The place is pretty spacious and clean. The ambiance is fun with cheerful staff always ready to help. There is also live band which makes the place all the more interesting. As we seated ourselves comfortably, the staff asked us our choice of the complimentary mock-tails. We sipped on our drinks as they readied the barbecues on our table. Then came the food… chicken, mutton, fish and prawns barbecues. I loved the fish and prawns more than anything. In vegetarian, there were corn, paneer and potato barbeques. There were also other starters like the yummy fried corn, murgh malai tikka and tangri kebabs. The starters keep coming until you are full and you really cannot have anymore. You can just pull the flag on your table down to signal that you are done with the starters.

the khulfi
sweet nothings

The main course is laid out on a separate space and you must serve yourself. It consists of vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread such as soups, butter chicken, dal, shahee paneer, roti, handi biryani, curd rice and other items.

Being a sucker for anything sweet, I will have to say that the best thing about this place is its desserts. The cute little sweets are so delicious that you keep on taking n number of helpings. There is kiwi pastry, tiramisu, coconut pudding, chocolate brownie, kheer and fresh fruits. The combination of ice cream and gulab jamun should never be missed. One more thing that needs to be mentioned is their special live khulfi counter. Boy, can they make them any better! The large variety of khulfis just confuse you while you are choosing. Enjoy and just pamper your taste buds.

One thing is for sure, visit this place with a big appetite because you do not want to do injustice to the number of food items that are put before you. I give this place a 4.5 on a scale of 5 because they make you feel so special.

my complimentary birthday cake!

Dinner at Fenny’s

Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen

What to look out for –

Great ambience, seafood, pizza and continental cuisine

Phone Numbers

080 41282428
+91 9036082911

cost –

₹2000 for two people (approx.)


115, 3rd Floor, Opposite Raheja Arcade, Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore

Alcohol is Available



There were many places in Bangalore to begin a blog with. I just chose one randomly and if you visit this place, you will know why. Fenny’s is a Rooftop pub that is all together a new world in the middle of the city. As you give your car for Valet Parking and take this small elevator to the 3rd floor of the building, you can never know that there is this beautiful place awaiting you. Nightlife is redefined by this wonderfully done place that is a combination of Mediterranean and continental concept. Burning candles, clay pots, broken mirrors and artistically arranged beer bottles are the high light of the place. One more thing that you will admire about the place is that the music is low so that what you speak with your friends is audible.  The outdoor seating arrangement is comfortable and there is a separate smoking Area too. The bar counter is open for one and all and you can choose to sit where you please

The food is something that will stay in your heart long after you have visited this place. They serve the best starters and pizzas in the town. Some of the stuff you must really try out here are –

Thin crust wood fire pizzas

Fenny’s sizzlers

Fenny’s bbq prawns

Lyonnaise mushroom

Onion rings




They also have some interesting desserts. The staff are friendly and attend to you with much care. Over all, the experience of a dinner at Fenny’s is warm and nice. It is a four out of five stars.