Gilly’s lunch

Gilly’s Restobar

What to look out for –
Nice drinks and desserts

Phone numbers –
080 49652862

Cost –
₹1200 for two

4th & 5th Floor, Sree Premprasad Complex, Opposite Ramaiah Hospital, New BEL Road, Bangalore.

you are here

The New BEL Road has many options when it comes to food. After having tried almost all of them, we went to this place called Gilly’s. The place is rated very high on all food apps. So, we thought it’s gonna be a fun day. But to be honest, the ambience itself was a letdown. Hygiene is something that I look for in a place I eat out at. This place surely lacked cleanliness. No that it was completely messy, but you know when a place isn’t well maintained.

We got a table that was overlooking the road. The view was pleasant. But I will have to say this, the service was the worst. There were no people to take orders and the orders taken were not served until we reminded them of it at least a couple of times. We had to wait fifteen minutes to get drinking water! That too when the place was almost empty with no other people to attend to. That really was not a nice thing.

Coming to the food, we had ordered chicken kolar, creamy spicy chicken and chicken tandoor. Food was okay, nothing extraordinary. The fact that the orders were brought in late had killed our appetite. So, we didn’t find them much tasty. The chocolate volcano dessert was the only saving grace as it was yumm.

I give this place a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Visit if you want a laid back lunch.

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