taaza breakfast

Taaza tindi

What to look out for –

Wonderful morning breakfast

Phone numbers –

080 49510845

Cost –

₹100 for two


115, 100 Feet Ring Road, Banashankari, Bangalore.

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Every time I traveled on the Banashankari 100 feet ring road, I saw a huge crowd of people at one place. The building looked like a typical guest house in the Western Ghats. It was so crowded that I had to pay attention. ‘Taaza tindi’ the board read. My sister always told me how good the breakfast was at the jayanagar branch. So, one Sunday morning I headed towards this place.


Needless to say, it was packed with all kinds of people – old men in their pajamas, mid aged men in their track suits straight from their jogging, young boys with their cricket bats landing directly from the stadium and aunties with wailing babies. If you called a random number from one to hundred, someone of that age would have certainly raised their hands. We somehow found the parking space, and made our way to the counter.


The service is very swift because they can’t manage the crowd in any other way. You go pay for your order, get coupons and take it to the serving counter. There are distinguished counters for each food item to make it less confusing. Once you give the coupon, they will give you your breakfast in less than a minute. The menu is limited. You get most of the important south Indian breakfast items. We ordered masala dosa, vada and idli. My jaw dropped when I saw the rates. How can they charge so less? I started to doubt the quality of the food.


Turns out, I was wrong. The taste of each breakfast item was mind-blowing. In fact, it was better than what most of those old, so called famous hotels serve you. They used ghee for the Dosa. That is when I fell in love with this place. I have special regard to places that use pure ghee and butter instead of oil. These are the people who are concerned about giving quality than to make money.


Taaza tindi is a clean place even though it is always filled with people. Hats off to the staff for introducing the concept of cleanliness in service, food and place. Most of the breakfast places struggle to keep their kitchen and dining space clean. They should take some lessons from this hotel.

I give this place a 4.5 for food, service, ambience and everything that counts. A must visit if you want to enjoy a good breakfast when you are in a hurry.

must try –

masala dosa




north kannada lunch


What to look out for –

Authentic north Karnataka food

Phone numbers –

080 23523108

Cost –

₹500 for two


28, 12th Main, Near Navarang Theatre, 1st Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore.

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I am a girl from Malnad. Being born in South Canara (Dakshina Kannada), I have lived most of my life in South Karnataka. I have eaten everything from from akki rotti to ragi mudde. But what I had not eaten was the jolada rotti. Never had I been to North Karnataka nor did I intend to go. I had a preconceived notion that it was an underdeveloped region with people having regressive mindsets. Well it took me to marry a man from there to know I was wrong. North Karnataka may be different in its culture, but it is a beautiful part of our state with some wonderful places you must visit at least once in your life. And food… well let me just say that I have been eating it for three years now and have no complaints.


North Karnataka food is the healthiest kind of food if cooked rightly. Also, it is delicious. Of course my first love is the typical Malnad cuisine, but I have fallen in love with this unique and healthy cuisine too. Especially because my husband craves for it every other day. I’ll be very frank, the best place you can get North Karnataka food is in North Karnataka. But you cannot travel eight hours every time you have such cravings. So, the second best thing is Nalapaka.

Nalapaka is the place where you can get authentic North Karnataka food in Bangalore. It has been a famous food joint because of its unlimited meals, authentic desserts and the rustic feel. If you want to introduce the Uttara Karnataka food to someone, you just take them to Nalapaka. The food will introduce itself.


We went there on a weekday noon, so obviously there was a long queue. We had to wait for ten minutes before we got a shared table. This is the most annoying thing about going to busy hotels in pairs. They expect you to sit in front of two other equally uncomfortable people. But we were hungry and couldn’t help. The ambiance is busy, simple and clean. This place runs to permanently packed houses on weekdays and weekends as well. The ground floor is for unlimited meals while you get tiffin and plate meals on the first floor.

As soon as we sat down, fresh plantain leaves were placed in front of us. Then came a dozen powders and pickles. It was a treat to see those different colored gun powders (I mean chutney powders) and pickles all placed neatly at the end of the plantain leaf. These would add flavor and taste to the main course.


Then came the various palya and dal. First came the brinjal palya (no meal is complete without the brinjal in this part of the state). Next came the kalu palya and the thick dal. Coconut chutney, salad, fried chilli, sambhar, curd and butter milk followed. The plantain looked so complete and colorful that I felt content just by watching it. Just as I thought the serving was over, there came something else. The jowar roti was topped with a large dollop of fresh butter. Hmmm… Happiness!!! We began trying out every permutation and combination possible with the roti, rice and various curries and chutneys. i personally loved their dal.

The food was good, but I have had better north Karnataka food to be frank. All the less, the food was certainly filling, clean and tasty. We ended the meal with a bowl of Godi huggi (a sweet made of wheat and jaggery). There was no Shenga Holige on the day we went to Nalapaka, but if ever you get a chance, don’t miss it.

The food was nice, service was very brisk and courteous. I would give this place a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Visit this place to enjoy authentic uttara kannada food. Just remember to take a huge appetite along with you because the meal is unlimited.

healthy breakfast

Airlines hotel

What to look out for –

greenery, drive in and old world charm

Phone numbers
080 2227 3783

Cost –

₹500 for two


4,Madras Bank Road, Off Lavelle Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.

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Happy New Year! Well I know I am a whole week late. But, is it ever too late to make a fresh start? The New Year comes with new resolutions, mostly unfulfilled ones. One of the most common resolutions is to stay fit. So, just as the New Year begins, we see too many people heading towards the Lalbhag and the Cubbon Park early in the morning for walks. Morning walks at these two places is blissful. While I cants motivate you people to get up every day and go for the walks, I can surely let you know something that will persuade you to go for the walks.


After the early morning walks comes the relaxed breakfast. The wholesome breakfast will pile up all the calories that you just burnt, but that is another story. There are several breakfast points near Lalbhag and Cubbon Park. But I love the outdoor ambience and hence I fell in love with this place. Though it is a very old place, as old as half a century, I didn’t know about it. I wonder how I missed out such a wonderful place. It was my husband who introduced me to the place and I am very grateful to him.


The Airlines hotel is an outdoor hotel which is also a drive in place. On a Sunday, you can see the most expensive cars and fancy bikes in the parking zone of the hotel. It is old school and humble, certainly will remind you of the bygone days of the 90’s. The open restaurant zone is filled with minimal furniture, plastic chairs and metal tables. The quaint place sees some of Bangalore’s famous and happening clients ranging from film stars, producers, cricketers and artists. As it is a drive in restaurant, you will have to pay a parking fee.

Nestled in between huge banyan and other trees, this place is what nature lovers will love to dine at. The place offers noon lunch too, but as we were there early in the morning, we ordered Masala Dosa, idli and vada. The Masala Dosa was crisp and buttery. The masala in the center reminded me of the good old days when taste won over ambience. The idlis were soft as a feather. I loved their vadas. They were piping hot, crisp and less oily. The fact that I ate it before even clicking a pic proves how tasty it was. The staff were very friendly with their old world charm. The service was swift and good.

After a wonderful breakfast, we ordered filter coffee because what’s south Indian breakfast without a cuppa? The filter coffee was just marvelous. I ordered bourvita just because it had been ages since I drank it. The bourvita was good, just like the ones you drank during your school days.

The verdict is pretty obvious, I give this place a 4 out of five stars. The place has a good reputation of serving some wonderful dishes for lunch. I bet I’ll go back some day. They have a corner house and a juice center inside their premises. It is convenient for people who eat desserts after their lunch. It was surely a pleasant breakfast that I’ll cherish.