taking the green path

Green path – Forgotten Food

What to look out for –
Desi village ambience, good service and authentic age old food.

Phone numbers –

Cost –
₹1200 for two

The Green Path Organic State, Opposite Mantri Metro station, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

you are here

It is the auspicious week of Navaratri. Why not indulge in some desi, healthy and festive food that we can find nowhere else than ajji mane. True, all the authentic foods that we ate when we were little kids are slowly vanishing. We no longer eat healthy food that was also tasty. There is a serious need to preserve all the age old foods that we no longer at our homes. The green path is doing a wonderful job in this way.

Green path – Forgotten food is a wonderful place that has the essence of our state, our villages and our culture. Right from the ambience to the food, everything is authentic and indigenous. Located at a convenient spot, just opposite the mantra square, you can easily access the place. The place is surprisingly huge. At the ground floor there is an organic store that is a must visit after the lunch. You get some really cool organic and natural products at reasonable prices.

On the next level, the buffet seating area is located. The entire ambience of the space is colorful and green. There is use of natural elements like wood and plants. Props that are used in villages are hung over walls to give it a native feeling.

We had gone there for a buffet lunch. The staff were very friendly and helped us by introducing us to the various food items on the menu. They even brought us freshly made rotti and dosas to our table. First we were served a mild soup. It was made of drum stick leaves. It had a tangy flavor and I loved it.

Then came the starters made of potato, corn and various other vegetables. There were veg kebabs and barbeques. For main course, there were dosas and rottis made of millets of various types. They were not just healthy, but tasty too.

What I loved the most were of course the deserts. There were fresh fruits, ice cream, brownies, melt-in-the-mouth mysore pak, jackfruit payasa, rave unde and all the sweets that you get to eat only at your ajji mane.


Over all, we loved the experience. This place has become a favorite for our family as most of us love vegetarian food. I give this place 4.5 out of 5 stars. A must visit if you want to try out something different, yet Indian.

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