pizza mania


What to look out for –

pizza, pizza and more pizza

Cost –

₹800 for two

Contact –

+91 8069000301

Address –

562, 8th Main, 4th Block, Next To Exide Battery Showroom, Koramangala, Bengaluru.

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This place had been bookmarked for a long time. But, as they say ‘you will get there when you are meant to get there and not a moment sooner’. So, the moment had finally arrived. A group of youngsters headed towards Onesta Koramngala, on a cold Saturday evening. There are eight branches of this place all over Bangalore and one more in the making. And, one noticeable thing about all their branches is that, they all have the same kind of positive reputation.

The place is easy to locate (especially when you have your GPS on). There is valet parking, which is such a relief. Like many other places in the locality, Onesta too is created in a small, what might have been a residential space earlier. The ambience is fun and bright. There are too many lights, too much positive energy and lots of people too. They do not make reservations on weekends and it is a first come first serve basis. Luckily we got a table as soon as we entered. The place consists of two floors, the ground floor and the rooftop. We chose the lively rooftop. The grilled walls were lined with plants and the wooden tables gave a feel of some outdoor dining experience.

We had chosen the unlimited offer and we could eat and drink anything on the menu any number of times. If someone had told me ten minutes earlier that I would eat those many pizzas, I would have laughed in their face. But, as the pizzas kept coming, we kept eating. The pizzas were made of the thinnest thin crusts. The toppings were good. They were small in size and thus we could try almost all the pizzas on the menu. From the plain Margherita pizza to the chocolate and banana pizza, every pizza was toothsome. There is not much on the menu other than pizza. Bruschetta, lasagna and ravioli were not very appreciable. The herbed wedges and jalapeno cheese balls were delicious. But, one thing is sure, this place is for pizza and only pizza.

The desserts were good too. They were tiny, yet tasty. The caramel walnut tart was just so amazing. So were the dark chocolate and peanut mousse and cheese cake. The drinks like green apple cooler, virgin mojito and peach iced tea were a good combination with the pizzas. Loved their frothy, hot chocolate drink.

This place has great value for money and a very courteous bunch of people serving you. I will give this place a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Visit once if you are a pizza lover.


Dosa of happiness

Sri Sagar CTR

What to look out for –

best south Indian breakfast, pocket friendly bills, lots of butter and happiness.

Cost –

₹200 for two

Contact –

080 23317531

Address –

7th Cross Margosa Road, opposite Malleshwaram grounds, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

Vegetarian only

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There might be many rulers fighting for the iron throne, but when it comes to the throne of “the best Dosa in Bangalore” there are only two strong contestants. The MTR and the CTR. While I am a true blood MTRian, my husband just loves CTR. So, I am dragged to the place quite often. I am not complaining because I do love their Masala Dosa.


CTR is an acronym for central tiffin room. This humble hotel was started in the 1920s by Y.V. Subramanyam and brothers. When the then Maharaja of Mysore visited the place, Y.V. Subramanyam served breakfast in a traditional attire and impressed the king. Subramanyam is also the founder president of the Bangalore Hoteliers Association. Today, the hotel is owned by someone else, but the simple building, its mere interiors, a vintage wall clock and modest rosewood furniture still have the essence of the old Bangalore that we all so badly miss.


After the Y.V. brothers sold the hotel, it acquired the name Shri Sagar in 1950. And finally, in 1992, the place was acquired by Sanjeeva Poojari who named it as Central Tiffin Room. When a place has so much history, you will have to visit it, just to inhale air in there and feel the positive vibes.

The hotel is very simple, you would have not bothered to enter if it was not for its popularity. But, I love simple places that are popular. Because, when you see a hotel with such plain ambience, you are sure that the food will shine. CTR in appearance is just like any normal, economic hotel. Plain walls, simple tables and no fancy menu cards. For people who visit the place, the menu is by heart. We just order the benne (butter) Masala Dosa. This is the daddy of all dishes here. Golden brown, glazy and perfectly smooth like the Italian marble toppings of the tables we are eating on, these Dosas are to die for. They are majorly crisp, slightly puffy and melt in the mouth kind of Dosa that you can find nowhere else.


Other dishes like the idli, rava idli, kesari bath, poori and khara bath are simply good. They cannot be tagged as outstanding. The major player in this place is the Masala dosa and that is what everyone who comes here orders. Service is swift and courteous.


After the food is done, you will have to drink their coffee. Not drinking coffee after tiffin here is like a big taboo. At least for coffee lovers. Because, the coffee of CTR is so good, it can give any star bucks a run for their money any day. And the best part is that all this comes in such less money. This is one place where the value for money is ten times ten on a scale of ten.

CTR is a well-known place and every now and then you can spot a celebrity indulging in a hot, ghee laden masala dosa. From Deepika Padukone to our own Ramya, many stars pay a visit to CTR once in a while. That’s the good thing about food, it treats everyone equally. For this amazing food, and the amazing conversations I have had here with my hubby, I give this place a 4.5 on 5 stars.





some energy food

Enerjuvate Studio and cafe

What to look out for –

Silent place to relax, healthy food.

Cost –

₹800 for two

Contact –

080 49652485

Address –

32nd Cross Rd, 4th T Block East, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Vegetarian only

you are here

It is the sacred month for us Hindus. Also the only month when I try eating healthy vegetarian food. I do not actually miss my kind of food because turning a vegetarian once in a year will open up many opportunities to try something different. So, that is how I came across Enerjuvate.

The name sounded cool, and I had heard some good reviews about the place, so I just dropped in one afternoon to enjoy a quite lunch. The place is located off the Jayanagar main road, just a few yards away from the buzzing bus stand.  Though the café is located in the busy locality, is surprisingly calm and peaceful. I almost thought that they were closed when I entered the place.

The café is spread out on three floors. The ground floor is sort of a welcome area, the first floor consists of a balcony that is made into a dining place with a couple of tables and I didn’t have a chance to see what was on the second floor but heard some noises so thought there was surely some action going on there. This café is a perfect example of how you can run a small café in your house’s balcony. They have made maximum utilization of the space available.


The ambience is cool and fun. It is especially attractive to the young, college goers who I believe are their major customers. There is a lot of greenery and colors. The seating is simple and comfortable. I chose a corner table that looked out onto the road. The road was small and there was othing interesting to view, but still, a corner table never hurts.


As I ordered my food, I received these crispy veggies crackle like thing as a compliment (every customer received it not just me… I am still not famousL). They were made of millet crackles that was topped with onions, tomatoes and sauce. It was a prettier version of our humble masala papad.



Lunch was veggie zoodle bowl. The waiting period was long. You can avoid the place if you are in a hurry. This one is for people who want to relax, spend some time talking with their friends as they have a long lunch or snack. The zoodle looked attractive. But I can’t say that it tasted very good. It was basically noodles and zucchini in sauces. Along came cranberry chilli toast. I had a tough time chewing the hard toast without embarrassing myself in front of the other people. The dessert was a pretty looking blueberry cheese cake jar. I just loved its appearance though it was too tiny. The blueberry and cream topping were tasty, but the oats cake at the bottom stuck to the jar stubbornly. After much try, I just had to let go of it.


All in all, it was a different kind of experience with vegan cuisine. The place boasts of fresh, healthy and vegetarian food. Go here if that’s what you want. I give this place a 3 out of 5 stars.

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