Kandhani Rajasthani food


What to look out for –

Desi hospitality, Rajasthani food.

Cost –

₹1000 for two

Contact –

080 22667345

Address –

2nd Floor, Orion Mall, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

Vegetarian only

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Do you believe in time travel? I do. There is a place in Bangalore that can take you to Rajasthan in few seconds as you enter the place. In fact, there are nine branches of the place all over the city. I have been to two of them, the mantra square, Malleshwaram branch and the Orion mall branch. Rajdhani is an authentic Rajasthani thali restaurant that serves Rajasthani and some Guajarati food. So, if you love these cuisines, then this is your place.


I’ll have to give it up to this place for their hospitality. God! Are they even humans? How can they be so nice to their customers? From the moment you step in, they start with the folded hands Namaste, and go on to even assist you in washing your hands before the lunch! They are ever smiling and insist you eat more, just like your granny at home.


The ambience is quite cozy and welcoming. It is a perfect setting for a family lunch. The butter milk that came first was tasty. It came in a huge tumbler and I couldn’t drink the entire thing. Then came the thali. Rajdhani is all about this one thali. It consists of many bhaji, vegetables and dal with a variety of Marwari breads. The food is entirely saatvik, so people who prefer spicy food may not like the dishes. Also, as its Rajasthani and Guajarati food, many of the dishes were sweet to taste. The thali is huge and consists of many little bowls containing the several dishes. The entire set up is so cute that I felt content by just looking at the thali.


For me, the experience was new and mediocre. Can’t say the food was mind-blowing, but also can’t berate it by saying it was bad. It surely was a healthy plate of meal, but may be it was not my thali of food. Having said that, I do not regret going here because trying new cuisines is interesting and I just loved the essence of the place. I would give this place a 3 out of 5 stars.


Must try –

Aamaras during the mango season




Dal batti





midnight snacking at sagar


What to look out for –

Vegetarian street food, chats, desserts and ice creams

Phone numbers

080 23325917

Cost –

₹200 for two


Dr Rajkumar road, near KLE College, Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Alcohol is not available

Strictly vegetarian

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Winters are incomplete without midnight snacks. The cold nights accompanied by constant midnight cravings can never let you sleep in peace. For all the fellow foodies who love to binge on some street food during the late hours of the night, there is only one place for you – Sagar hotel. The two storied white building looks simple, plain and old fashioned. But that is exactly opposite of what you will feel about the food served here. The crowd in front of the hotel begins to form at seven and will continue until twelve in the night. Unlike other fine dine restaurants, people do not wait to get into the hotel. They just enjoy their food on the street and it is fun!



What you should try at Sagar –

Juicy hot jalebis made of pure ghee

Cute little mini pizzas

The yummy pav bhaji

Crispy fafda

vada pav







Sagar is one place where you can just pull your car to the side after a long drive in the cold winter night and order some tasty street chats and enjoy them sitting inside your car. There is no place else like Sagar when it comes to swift service and consistency in taste. This place gets a 4 on 5 for its lively ambiance and delicious food.


A village in the middle of the city


What to look out for –

Great ambiance, vegetarian food, chats, tarot reading and some dandiya

Phone Numbers

080 42100524
+91 9663924344

Cost –

Lunch – ₹410

Dinner – ₹460

Weekends – ₹560


6th Floor, Central Mall, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Alcohol is NOT Available

Strictly vegetarian

you are here


For starters, this place is not just any restaurant. It is an experience. So, if you are in a hurry and just want to grab some lunch, skip the village. Because when you are in the village, you will want to spend your entire evening here. Such is the ambiance of this wonderful place. As you climb the escalator for the sixth floor of the central mall, you see some bright colors and props that promise you a wonderful evening full of excitement. We could not resist taking a couple of pictures before we entered the place. And as soon as we entered, we were in a whole new world!

village the soul of india

It was like we time traveled to one of those dhabas on the outskirts of Delhi. So colorful, so vibrant and so very desi. The ambiance is one thing that you will love about this place. As it was our first visit to the place, we had a complimentary tarot card session with an expert. He told some annoying things about me, so my husband still vouches about the truthfulness of the tarot at village. The cuisines served are Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharastrian, north Indian and south Indian. However, we then drank the welcome drink which was a rose flavored milk. It was good. Then we tried out the chats like pani puri, aloo tikka, sev puri which were also good. But, to be frank, we girls were interested in taking pictures in this beautiful place than eating the food.

the live food counters

The place is large and there are some quirky stuff all over. The food is actually laid out in counters that seem like street vendors and road side shops. Our next stop was at the bhaji stall. We had some piping hot aloo and mirchi bajhi which were the best thing in the place. The dosa was not very tasty and I left it untouched in my plate.

colorful ambiance
the roti counter

A jail like room is where you get the fresh rotis on order. You can also get hot, juicy jalebis at this counter. The main course consisted of masala khichdi, kadi, dal fry, aloo methi, steamed rice and other stuff. I will have to say that I did not enjoy main course as much as the starters. Finally, for desserts there were gulab jamoon, kheer and plain vanilla ice cream cones.

main course

As we had our dinner, we also participated in some fun activities like dandiya, musical chair and the puppet show. I had a feeling that we were in some village fair. It was truly a wonderful experience. I would rate the ambiance, service and place with a 5 on 5 but the food would get only a 3.5 on 5.