Christmas lunch


Café Noir

What to look out for –

french ambience, French food and French vibes

Phone numbers
080 22682140

Cost –

₹1500 for two


Food court, Orion mall, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

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Alcohol is available

It’s my favorite month! Well not because of the holiday season, not because of New Year or Christmas and not even because everyone is saying the same thing. It’s my favorite month because it’s my birthday month and everyone I love spoil me with gifts. On my birthday, I wanted to take my husband to a very nice and cozy place. I loved café Noir, but my husband never liked the sound of it. So every time we went to Orion mall, he would hurry me away from the huge glass windows of this place not wanting to go inside. But this time it was my birthday and he couldn’t say no. I just hoped that the food will be good because nothing can upset a foodie more than bad food and I didn’t want to upset hubby jaan on my birthday.

The ambience is what attracts you first to the place. It is grey in colour, huge French windows and ungenerous seats. The seating could be a bit more comfortable. But the overall décor just takes you to France. You feel like you are sitting in some French patisserie. The smell of freshly made desserts was welcoming. I had a misconception that the staff at such places will be rude, thanks to my past experiences. But, the staff were very welcoming and friendly.

We ordered a sweet lime fizz and French fries to begin with. The lime juice was tangy and pleasant. The French fries were crisp with right amount of saltiness. Then came the sizzler BBQ chicken. The sizzling hot veggies, chicken and rice were very tasty. My husband just loved it, so I sighed in relief. The le Jardin pizza which came next was hot, cheesy and yummy. Didn’t know a French café could make such nice Italian pizza.

And finally it was dessert time. I love desserts in such places. They have an entire glass showcase lined with their nicest desserts. You can choose any one from them. I took five minutes to choose one dessert because it felt like having them all. That’s when I decided I will eat at least one dessert from this place every time I am at the mall. Finally I opted for crème Brulee. The glazed part was glassy, sweet and brittle and as soon as I cut into it, I found a softest custard inside. The crispy caramel meeting a delicious custard made it the perfect dessert. Surprisingly, even my husband liked it.


I loved their food, ambience, service and desserts. It was a perfect birthday treat that I could give to my husband who is encouraging about my foodie habits. Will give a 4 out of 5 stars. They have some exclusive desserts for the festive season, so you can give a visit when you are in Orion mall. They have 3 more outlets at UB city, phoenix market mall and VR mall.



must try –




French fires




lunch in the clouds

Cloud café

What to look out for –

Youthful ambience, sports screening and continental food.

Cost –

₹800 for two

Contact –

080 45128824


626, 4th Floor, 80 Feet Road, Vinayaka Layout, 2nd Stage, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore.

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Our locality was lacking a proper café from many years. Cloud café almost fulfills our wish. Well, almost. This is one place that you can go with your friends, sit for hours, play snooker and eat some junk food. Cloud café is exclusively for youngsters.


The ambience is lively and colourful. The décor is bright and funky. There are cubicles that give you privacy if you want to have a silent lunch. For others who like to have a taste of the view, you can opt for the tables to the left. The place is on the fourth floor, so they do have a glass wall that looks out to our huge city.



The menu is also designed as per the requirements of the youngsters. There is Italian, Chinese, continental, north Indian and American. We had chicken lollipop which was crispy and delicious. Then came the BBQ chicken wings which had a tinge of sweetness in it. May be they had added honey. The butter chicken curry was a wrong order at a café. But, we were hungry and as south Indians, nothing satiates our hunger as much as rice does. The butter chicken was too mild in flavours and kind of sweetish. It came with plain white rice. At last came the spicy Cajun chicken burger. The burger quite good. We didn’t have the mood for desserts, so I can’t tell how they were.

As the place is very near to our house, I may go there sometime. I give a 3 out of 5 stars. If you live nearby, you can surely visit this place once.