pizza at vinny’s


What to look out for –
colourful ambience, good service and yummy pizza.

Phone numbers –

Cost –
₹800 for two

No 22,1st Floor, MSR Nagar, New BEL Road, Bangalore

you are here

Weekend is just around the corner and you cannot wait until it comes to indulge in some sinful food. The beauty of sinful food is that it is also soulful. Pizza! The name itself sends excitement all over our body. Probably no other generation loves this food as much as ours. While our elders still binged over desi chats, our younger generation has fancy fusion food. We in the middle are the ones that truly stayed loyal to this Italian dish all through our growing years.

So, here is a place that serves some awesome pizzas in Bengaluru. Vinny’s has three branches and we were at the BEL road outlet. This pizzeria is located on the busy street that is filled with action all time of the day. The place is colorful. Period. There are all colors of bottles, glasses, graffiti, chairs and tables. It is surely a lace for the younger lot. But, we also saw an old couple at one of the tables. That is the magic of good food. It isn’t limited with any age group.

We ordered a cream of tomato soup. Why? I really don’t know. My husband has this habit of ordering the craziest things. Soup in a pizzeria, biryani in a cafe or coffee at a sports bar. As long as the menu has what he wants, I really don’t mind. So, coming back to the soup, it was scrumptious. Then came in their huge chicken burger. It was my husbands, but I managed to eat half of it. Sly wink. The burger was juicy and delectable. And then the show stopper pizza came in. it was a pizza whose 3 toppings we could choose. We chose corn, mushroom and olives. The pizza was cheesy and yummy.

The caramel banana smoothie that I ordered was mind blowing. I kept on sipping it until the end of the meal. This was really one of our favorite meals with good food and fun talk. I give this place a 4 out of 5 stars. Staff is friendly and courteous.

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