lunch in a patio

Patio 805

What to look out for –
great ambience, good service and yummy south Asian food.

Phone numbers –
080 49652875

Cost –
₹1000 for two

805, Ground Floor, 35C Cross, 9th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

you are here

If at all you are in the Jayanagar shopping region, I highly recommend that you visit a place called patio 805. Normally I do not give high recommendations. I just explain how my experience in a place was and leave the rest to the readers. But, this is a must visit bistro. They serve the healthiest and tastiest food that you can find in the region.

I was in no mood for vegetarian but my sister dragged me to this vegetarian bistro. I thank her for introducing me to this wonderful place. The restaurant is on the main road near the Jayanagar bus stand. It consists of two floors, but we sat on the ground floor. The décor is south Asian and very cozy. I loved their hanging table lights.

The staff are friendly and were very helpful in making food choices. We ordered a tomato ginger soup which was yummy. Then came the threaded paneer which was good. We also ordered a Vietnamese style sauce over crispy noodles. It was unique and tasty too. It consisted of deep fried crispy noodles that came with crunchy vegetables and stir fried sauce. It was amazing.

For main course there was vegetable balls with hot garlic sauce along with vegetable fried rice. We loved the piping hot combination. It was a cold day and hot Asian food was just so lovely. It was a perfect meal with wholesome food that was delicious too. We loved everything about the food – quality, quantity, plating and taste. This is definitely a place I will be visiting again. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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