coffee and breakfast

Indian coffee house

What to look out for –
breakfast spread, good coffee, old world charm

Phone numbers –
080 25587088

Cost –
₹200 for two

19, Ground Floor, Brigade Garden, Church Street, Bangalore.

you are here

I am a sucker for elaborate breakfasts. It is probably my favorite meal of the day. I love enjoying my breakfast. Especially the south Indian ones that consist of idli, dosa and vadas. Sunday breakfasts are a ritual for us as a couple. Long walks in the gardens and then a hefty breakfast at some iconic place. That’s my ideal Sunday morning.

One such Sunday, we went to this very ancient place on Church Street. It is called as the Indian Coffee House. This place was on my must visit bookmark for a long time. Because at some places, you don’t feel like you’re going for food, it is almost like a pilgrimage. This is one such place. It is a legendary outlet that is small, old and almost messy these days. But, there is an old world charm to the place and that is probably what everyone who walks in seeks.

In south Indian we ordered the masala dosa and some vadas. The dosa was crisp, but nothing extraordinary. We loved the vadas. Then came the bread toast with rich butter. There was also an omlette. While the toast was good, the omelette could have had some more salt in it.

How can you not drink coffee when you are at a coffee house? So we drank some filter coffee and it was divine. This place has value for money, the service is friendly and swift and you get various breakfast options too. The ambience is mediocre, like any of those old tiffin rooms. Do visit if you love anything old and retro. I give this place a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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