Rogue Elephants hunting for food

The Rogue Elephant

What to look out for –
open dining space, old world charm and interesting menu

Phone numbers –
080 49652849

Cost –
₹1000 for two

93, Near Generation School, Opposite Krishna Rao Park, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

you are here

It’s been a while since I am away from home and I am missing those lunch dates with my sisters. So, here is a memory of a wonderful lunch I had with my sisters, not very long ago. I had seen on social media, pictures of a place. It was in Basavanagudi and was ironically called The Rogue Elephant. Ladies and gentlemen, you can never find a place whose name describes me so very perfectly. I loved the name and so had to be there.

So, one afternoon we set out finding the place. It isn’t a very hard place to find because it’s located on the main road of the area. The space belonged to the old houses with large gardens that we no longer see. The garden part is strategically reconstructed to make a small, cozy, open air restaurant. There want much rush because it was already 3 PM. So, for once we got a table of our choice. The ambience is very low key. It seems like you are seated in your own garden, it is that simple.

There was fresh mango smoothie and Nutella strawberry smoothie. I loved the latter one. For starters there was paneer pakoda and grilled baby corn with lemon butter. They both were mild in taste and I was seriously disappointed with their quantity. But, I loved their lemon butter sauce.

The soup of the day was a pumpkin soup and we loved it. Main course was pasta a la rogue, which was a creamy pasta with tomato sauce and veggies. It was the best among all the food we ordered. Then came the oriental veggie roll, which was fine. The desserts took the cake when it came to taste. The chocolate brownie with ice cream was just yumm. The carrot cake with ice cream was tasty too.

This place gets a 3.5 for its ambience, service and selection of food for the menu. The quantity and taste can certainly be improved. Do visit if you love old world restos. There is also a boutique inside the place which is worth a visit.

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