dots and dashes

Three dots and a dash

What to look out for –

Hawaiian ambience, rooftop seating and mocktails

Phone numbers –
080 33512999
Cost –

₹1000 for two


840/1,100 Feet Road, Metro Pillar 56-57, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

you are here

After seeing so many people visit this place, and also after we were particularly seduced by the strange name, we finely planned for a lunch at the three dots and a dash. The place is on a busy street in Indiranagar. May be that is one reason why it attracts so many people. The entrance is sort of nice, decorated with wooden planks and a long stairway leading to the restaurant. It has a rustic, jungle kind of feeling all over.

As we entered, we were welcomed by a rather stern hostess. One simple advice to all restaurant owners, ask your staff to smile, it costs nothing. We were given quite an uncomfortable table with tall chairs. We were a bunch of short girls who had to jump to sit on the chairs. The ambience was totally crude which was meant to mirror the Hawaiian style, but not quite successfully. The other staff were quite friendly. We ordered drinks – mango toll and black and beauty. I do not always drink mocktails, but I had seen some very nice pictures of drinks in this place. Hoping I would get the same kind of glasses with amazing garnishing I waited. Unfortunately, the glasses were nothing special. They were just like any other drinks from any other place. The taste was normal too.

Then we ordered garlic bread, chicken wings and chilli chicken. The garlic bread was good. It was not too hard or not too cheesy. The chicken wings were both an eye candy and a soul food. Then came the chilli chicken which was ordinary.

I give this place a 3 out of 5 stars. May be it was the over expectation or the average food, I didn’t quite like the place very much. BTW why is it named so?



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