poppins time

Poppins the Food Station

What to look out for –

College adda kind of ambience

Phone numbers –

+91 9738934215

Cost –

₹500 for two


38, 5th Main, Byraveshwar Nagar, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore.

Usually I plan my meals when we eat outside. From where we eat to what we will be eating, I have everything planned to the T in my mind. But, there are some times when you eat whimsically. There will be no plan or no thinking. You just see a nice place on the road while you are travelling, and you stop to have a look and end up eating there. It is just like impulsive shopping, but much better.


One such time was when I found this place called the Poppins. We were passing through that road, I saw these fancy lights and then we stopped to grab a pizza probably. It was a small place, like a 1BHK house. The ambience was fun and colourful. The seats were high and tables were small. The entire do screamed ‘enter only if you’re a teenager’. Well, I am a teenager at heart, so I risked taking a seat.


The menu too is etched out especially for college goers. There is pizza, sandwich, pancakes and milkshakes. The staff consisted of only two people as it is a small place. A couple of college going gangs were the only crowd. It was a cozy little place that not many people know about.

We ordered a farm house pizza and three ‘c’ sandwich as it was not dinner time and we weren’t in a mood for an early dinner. The pizza was just like how it turns out when you cook it at home. Simple, healthy and tasty. The sandwich was good too. They used a good quality bread which is very important while making a pizza.

I ordered a Kit Kat waffle for the sugar rush. It has all the good things for topping – Kit Kat chunks, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. But the waffle was a bit hard and not very fresh.


All in all, it is a nice little place to enjoy an evening snack with your friends. I give this place a 3.5 out of 5 stars. A special mention about the music they play. My husband says they are the coolest retro English songs. But then again, what do I know about English songs of yester years? (or of today for that matter)

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