janatha food

Janatha Hotel

What to look out for –

Busy tables, retro vibe

Cost –

₹200 for two

Contact –


Address –

27, K.G. Circle, Near Majestic Bus Stand, 8th cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

you are here

Winter is here! Yes there are holidays, there are festivals, there are birthdays and anniversaries, but apart from that, I love winter for one more reason. The cold makes you hungry. You are hungry almost all times of the day. You cannot walk a lane without thinking of hopping into the next hotel that you see. And your evening snacks are as heavy as your mid-day meal. And on one such chilly evening I went shopping in Malleshwaram. After the shopping was done, I was searching for a place to eat. And if my husband didn’t tell me about Janatha hotel, I would have never known this place existed right in the middle of the busy 8th cross. I have been on that street like a hundred times and yet I had not seen this place!


Janatha hotel is an ancient, humble hotel that lies a few feet inside the line of stores that we walk past on this busy shopping street. May be that is why I missed it all these days. It is not a very small place, but very crowded. The building is very old, almost like the CTR. It is a typical south Indian vegetarian breakfast point. No showiness, no grandeur, just plain business of serving good food to its loyal customers.


When I entered, at first glance I though this place is dirty. But when I looked closer I realized it’s not dirty, just too busy and of course old. There were lots of people lined up to get self-service coupons and again to get their orders. People of all ages and all kinds, young, fashionable, old, traditional. I have never seen such varied crowd in any place.

But sadly I didn’t love the food. It wasn’t too bad also, but my expectations were high I guess. We ordered a masala dosa, a rava idli and vada. The rava idli was plain, nothing outstanding. We get such idlis in every hotel these days. The masala dosa was good, but not as good as the nearby CTR. The vada was not at all crisp or hot. The only thing I liked was the hot filter coffee. It was just mind blowing.


I give this place a 3 out of 5 stars. The place has stood the test of time and that is probably why people still love it. But I would just walk a bit more to eat delicious dosas at CTR. may be in the past, this place served the food that makes it so iconic today. 




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