paradise of food


What to look out for –

All kinds of non-vegetarian delicacies

Cost –

₹1000 for two

Contact –

080 6900 1677

Address –

#915 , 24th Main Road, 2nd Phase JP Nagar, Thirumala Temple Road, Next to Reliance Digital, Bangalore.

you are here

Names can be deceiving. A place named as a hole in the wall might not be as small, alternately, a place named as a nation may not be as big too. But here is one place that does justice to its name. Paradise. Truly, it’s a paradise for all biryani lovers. This is one must visit place if you live near JP nagar… well actually with food like that, you should visit even if you live on the other side of the city.


After having eaten a lot at a lot of places, ordinary will never please you. It will take something extraordinary to blow your mind. This is one such place. The ambience is ordinary, just like any other family restaurant. Have to say it is quite clean. Let’s cut straight to the food. Because that is the only reason I go to such places.


The sad thing was I was not eating only vegetarian that day. So, all the non-vegetarian food reviews for the day are from my husband. That’s no big issue because he has good taste (I mean, just look at me). So, we ordered a chicken kebab platter, tandoori jhinga, murg kebab, and Hyderabadi biryani in non-vegetarian. My husband and all the others enjoyed the meal to the fullest. They found the food authentic and very similar to what is served in the oh so famous paradise of Hyderabad.

As it was a biryani house, I thought I am going to be served bad vegetarian food. But, I was so wrong. The vegetarian delicacies were as good as the nonveg ones. We ordered a deep fried vegetable patties (I forgot the name). Then there was paneer deep fried with a coat of batter on it and dipped in sesame seeds. I just loved that dish. As it is been a while I forgot the names of the dishes. But they were absolutely lip smacking.

This was about our meal in paradise. I am truly going back to devour their biryani in the near future. I give this place a 4 out of 5 stars. The service is courteous and swift too.


Must try –

All types of biryanis

Kebab platter

Prawn delicacies

Desi dessert

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