authentic food at The Biryani Cafe

The Biryani cafe

What to look out for –

Authentic biryani, cozy ambience and good music

Phone numbers
91 8861837788

Cost –

₹400 for two


476, 2nd floor, 9th cross, BSK 3rd stage, Banashankari, Bangalore

you are here


If you want to spend some lonely, quiet time, then head to the biryani café in Banashankari. The place is a feel good café with some tasty dishes to try out. It brings back the memory of our old Bangalore that was untouched by the software industry and all those Silicon Valley aspirations. Our humble Bangalore may not be recreated anytime soon, but you can reminisce those good old days as you see the walls of the café.

the biryani house

The place is small, cozy and welcoming. Music played is good and you suddenly feel at home when you enter the place. The menu is simple and short. There are no great gourmet dishes on the list. Nothing that you have not seen or heard of. But yet, the food is extremely tasty and you will want to try more.

donne biryani
pepper chicken

With all those fancy restaurants trying out new types of dishes, you are missing out on the humble native dishes like our Donne biryani. If ever you want to eat those dishes that remind you of your mom’s cooking, our culture or our life in the 90’s, you will have to give this place a visit. I especially liked their pepper chicken which was extra spicy and delicious and their Donne biryani. It had all the flavors that an authentic biryani just possess.

namma bengaluru
the interesting walls



Things to try –

Chilli chicken Andhra style

Ginger chicken

Pepper chicken

Donne chicken biryani

With its simple ambience, good service and tasty food, this place gets a 4 out of 5 stars.

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