A village in the middle of the city


What to look out for –

Great ambiance, vegetarian food, chats, tarot reading and some dandiya

Phone Numbers

080 42100524
+91 9663924344

Cost –

Lunch – ₹410

Dinner – ₹460

Weekends – ₹560


6th Floor, Central Mall, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Alcohol is NOT Available

Strictly vegetarian

you are here


For starters, this place is not just any restaurant. It is an experience. So, if you are in a hurry and just want to grab some lunch, skip the village. Because when you are in the village, you will want to spend your entire evening here. Such is the ambiance of this wonderful place. As you climb the escalator for the sixth floor of the central mall, you see some bright colors and props that promise you a wonderful evening full of excitement. We could not resist taking a couple of pictures before we entered the place. And as soon as we entered, we were in a whole new world!

village the soul of india

It was like we time traveled to one of those dhabas on the outskirts of Delhi. So colorful, so vibrant and so very desi. The ambiance is one thing that you will love about this place. As it was our first visit to the place, we had a complimentary tarot card session with an expert. He told some annoying things about me, so my husband still vouches about the truthfulness of the tarot at village. The cuisines served are Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharastrian, north Indian and south Indian. However, we then drank the welcome drink which was a rose flavored milk. It was good. Then we tried out the chats like pani puri, aloo tikka, sev puri which were also good. But, to be frank, we girls were interested in taking pictures in this beautiful place than eating the food.

the live food counters

The place is large and there are some quirky stuff all over. The food is actually laid out in counters that seem like street vendors and road side shops. Our next stop was at the bhaji stall. We had some piping hot aloo and mirchi bajhi which were the best thing in the place. The dosa was not very tasty and I left it untouched in my plate.

colorful ambiance
the roti counter

A jail like room is where you get the fresh rotis on order. You can also get hot, juicy jalebis at this counter. The main course consisted of masala khichdi, kadi, dal fry, aloo methi, steamed rice and other stuff. I will have to say that I did not enjoy main course as much as the starters. Finally, for desserts there were gulab jamoon, kheer and plain vanilla ice cream cones.

main course

As we had our dinner, we also participated in some fun activities like dandiya, musical chair and the puppet show. I had a feeling that we were in some village fair. It was truly a wonderful experience. I would rate the ambiance, service and place with a 5 on 5 but the food would get only a 3.5 on 5.

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